Charlotte Ronson SS11 RTW

 Seeing as this is meant to be both a fashion and lifestyle blog, maybe it's about time that I actually returned to talking about the former.

I've gone and picked my four favourite looks from Charlotte Ronson's latest collection, which she says was inspired by 'dressing down, but in a romantic way'. 
And I think it does just that.

With a mixture of chiffons, pastels, darks and denims, the collection covers every aspect of city chic. Reflecting fashions from the nineties, the 'grungy yet feminine' aura about the garments are shown off with a combination of loose fits and tapered waitstlines, making the style look effortless.

Perhaps on a more personal note, the reason why the collection appeals so much to me is because every outfit looks like something that I would pick out for myself. And in true keeping with my own personal style, all the models wore nose rings.

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