Not From Concentrate

Waiting 4o minutes for a chicken and mushroom pie is definitely not something to read about, let alone blog about in the first place. But as an introduction, and an insight into the world de la me, that is exactly what I am doing.

After an eventful recent string of events, my bedroom and body are trashed.
But my mind is very, very, very content.
I am in a happy place.

I always get a little worried admitting when I am happy, because I dont want to jeopardise the moment or jinx the situation. I often feel like if I talk about being happy, then something will come along and make me sad. Sort of like a serve-you-right-for-bragging sort of complex.
Guess that's just called life though, right?
A huge mixture of good and bad.
If you didnt have the bad, then you'd never realise what was good.

My life is a bit like this pie.

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