Chasing Shadows

For someone who seems to spend most of their life in bed, I am ridiculously sleep deprived.
People always seem to be confused when I say that I'm tired, because logically it doesnt make sense. Surely the point in sleeping is to relieve the feeling of being lethargic?
I have sussed out that the reason I sleep without ever gaining any energy, is because I dream.
I dream a ridiculous amount.
Sometimes 5 dreams a night.
Because of this, it's like I'm constantly awake; as even when my eyes are shut, I am living and moving and doing.

Last night I picked off my eye and removed a disk that was in the way.
But then all the black in my eye leaked.
If I was a dream analyst, I would predict that this meant that there has been something blocking my vision for a long time, and I've only just realised. And so without it in the way, I presumably will be able to see things more clearly.
But obviously not, as I was blinded by my own actions.

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