So for part 284028 of my portfolio I had to write an article for a magazine of my choice, with the though of: "current trend for luxury and what is the dominant style".

Classic me, I've taken this in my own stride and adapted it.
The article headed FREEDOM is classically inkeeping with i-Ds style, and goes on to discuss making "luxury a plausible commodity".
This is in terms of 'street style' and how subcultures are replacing higher cultures.


Page 1 and 2

Page 3 and 4

NB: taken off my iPhone again - explains the lack of quality. Again.

Any readers of i-D or anyone with any knowledge of the magazine; thoughts and opinions are welcomed.


  1. :O that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It literally could have come straight from i-D

  2. Michael!! Love you so much for that comment!!!!

  3. This is really cool Lois!
    You should read WONDERLAND magazine it's a lovely monthly but kinda hard to get hold of.
    Hope you're enjoying your course
    Leonora x

  4. Ah I'm always on their site!
    Love 'em, but finding a hard copy is like gold!

    Hope you're well, and maybe I'll see you soon?! x