Celeb's doing 'Winter' well.

One of life's great mysteries, and unanswered questions, is: how the hell do you look good in Winter? Yes, we've all seen them before - glamourous little things looking both snuggly and sexy in their winter wraps and cool knits, working the hat like an artist works a canvas.
Which makes me feel just great when I catch sight of myself before leaving the house. Layers = the illusion of weight gain. And who can really be bothered to style co-ordinate every single bloody layer? Instead I just look like an overweight advert for TKMAXX.
Not ideal.

In other news . . . Yesterday my sister and I decided to treat ourselves from the hard work of lying in bed, with a trip to the cinema. I had almost forgotten what the cinema was like, seeing as the last film I saw was something like . . . see, I cant even remember the last film I saw, that's how long ago it was!

Anyway, The Tourist is a film that I would highly recommend you go and view. Angelina makes you go 'Mmmm' whilst Depp makes you go 'Awww' in a way that leads you wide-eyed through the film, concluding with a shocking and unexpected ending!

Go and see it, really.

Asides from this, my life has been utterly dull.
Having been home for 6 days now, the contrast between 'country life' and 'the city' really has never been more obvious. True, the picturesque view of snowy trees from my bedroom window beats that of a main road and Aldi from my Uni room, but the quietness, lack of activity, and dare I say it, alcohol, doesnt make for a very happy me.

I have accomplished more sleep in one night here than I would usually in a whole week, and yet why, please God why, do I look like death's doorstep? I seriously dont remember seeing 'bags-under-eyes' trending in the recent issue of Vogue, or even Twitter for that matter. Looks like a lonely wait under the mistletoe pour moi this year...!

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