Mighty Meaty

I do not think that it is fair for me to continuously moan about my University weight gain when I deliberately do nothing about it.
Yes, I bought a gym membership, but no, I've never been.
Yes, I say that the diet will start tomorrow, but oh, hello Dominos at 3am this morning.

Thus I am going to make it my December resolution to stop complaining about something you arnt prepared to do anything about. Now if only the whole world would learn and do the same, I'm sure we'd have a much happier and more productive planet.

All four mood boards are finished now; here are the final two which witnessed completion today:



Both look a shocking quality; you can thank my iPhone for that. For some reason my stupid photoshop will not let me 'save as' and therefore I cannot save them as JPEG's, so in reality, they are actually pretty meaningless files which I can do nothing with. G-r-e-a-t!

I probably prefer my previous two moodboards (rather against my flatmate's arguments that they do not look like 'moodboards' but 'advertisements') and my sister even commented that she doesnt understand why it is called 'Wit' when it is not funny.

Thought from the week is: people ask too many questions for which they dont have enough answers.

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  1. come to the gym with me tomorrow ;) i'm planning to go twice or 3 times this week so i'll let you know when i'm going !