Feeling really run down tonight, ridiculously emotional - it's times like this which assure me that I'm a woman.
Keep on sneezing and my eyes are leaking; I put it down to the onion I was chopping for dinner earlier, which, by the by, was delicious!

Definitely going to be a short one today, my palms are getting too sweaty and my body temperature is on the increase; and as attractive as that is, Desperate Housewives is calling in an hour, and between then I should probably go dose up on cold and flu tablets - what an absolute druggy I am.

The only thing that is really bothering me today is the fact that I have no idea what I want to do with my life, because I want to do everything.

I want to become an air-hostess, I want to DJ in nightclubs all across the UK, I want to become a top fashion journalist for Vogue magazine, I want to become a dancer for music videos. I think the only realistic answer is to somehow, and this may take some time, manage to create another me. God help the world, really, I mean it's tough enough dealing with one of me. But I think it would be pretty great. All the me's could meet together for wine every night and discuss our days. It'd be lush.

Obviously this indecisiveness made my personal statement an absoloute bitch, but, that doesnt seem to be my problem - getting a bloody University offer in the first place would be nice, wouldnt it! After coming to the conclusion that I only want to go to one of the places I've applied for, an offer would be welcome . . . any time soon.

Every year, my darling girl Claude has said, 'This is it guys, it's the year of change'.
Well you know what, change is happening. And it's bloody scary.

University gets talked about every day, but today it was on a slightly more 'real' basis. Instead of talking about the grades required and all the hard work it takes, and bla bla bla I dont care, we were talking about the things that we'll miss, and the things which we're looking forward to.

Dont get me wrong, I hate school more than I hate . . . cauliflower, and jeez, that's serious, cause it means I always miss out on cauliflower cheese, which is pretty tough. But the sudden realisation that I'm no longer going to know my way around the place in the same way. That there are going to be thousands of people I dont know, which inevitably means that there are going to be at least five people I dont like! I'm just not really sure I'm ready to be thrown into the deep end all over again, be moved into a flat with people who may have even more annoying habits that I do, or who may not be able to put up with the fact that I seem to like collecting dirty cups in my room . . .

Talking of cups, only went and made a '5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake' last night!
If you have me on Facebook, you'll already know the disaster that it was! To be fair, it was so easy to do, and the fact that you make a cake in a mug is more than enough reason to create the monstrosity that it is! Actually makes me feel a little bit sick in my mouth thinking about it.

But yes, it was interesting! How often can you put a cup full of chocolate liquid in the microwave, and three minutes later, produce a cake? If ever you're throwing a dinner party for people who dont have taste buds, definitely give it a go!

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Sad times!
Anyway, it's time the bath was blessed with the presence of my naked body.

Loving and leaving.

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  1. I'm genuinely enjoying reading these Lois as I don't get to speak to you even a 10th as much as i'd like to. atleast this way i get a little insight as to what goes on in that rather confusing head of yours.

    love ya lots

    Will xxx