I have had way too many woman crushes today.

The first of them, being the absolute sensation to both the ears and the eyes that is Ellie Goulding.
Words cannot describe the love I have for that girl; and even though everyone in the world seems to have jumped onto her hype, I genuinely cannot help but to join the sheep, because she is so ridiculously gifted, and so god damn beautiful. Along with being incredibly humble and down to earth, as I discovered after watching her 'behind the scenes' before Jools Holland.

Ellie Goulding
BBC Radio 1 - Live Lounge

The girl should be ridiculously proud of herself, and definitely check out her session in the live lounge today on Fearne Cotton's show, her voice is equally beautiful live and her cover of 'Sweet Disposition' by the Temper Trap is flawless.
So much love for her.

I also stumbled across the face of another 'rising star' today, who's name I've heard of for two years now via my sister, who's manager used to have contact with her (musically, not pedophiliacly, as she does look at twelve years old!) but I have never seen her face.
To be fair, I wasnt expecting a lot - and maybe I am just being overly kind, seeing as in her video, her face against Chipmunk's isnt a LOT to go on, as there is a slightly obvious winner with anyone in comparison to him, bless. But, no, she genuinely seems to have a great sense of personal style, growing up listening to the likes of Nirvana probably influencing her 'rock star meets pretty chic' look, which I am a massive fan of.

Stalking her just that little bit more however, revealed to me that, despite her annoying voice - well done youtube for finding the flaws in everybody - she has the most incredible cheekbones, and also resembles Hannah from Hollyoaks, who is an obvious goddess!

Daisy Dares You

So, to cut a long and massively lesbianic story short, she's peng; although I much prefer her acoustic stuff to her more commercial material, but hey, cant afford to be picky!

On the subject of women, someone who I must rant a little tiny bit about today is Cherly Cole. I realise this, for many (losers) is a sensitive subject, as most of the population of Britain would defend her to the end of the Earth. However, as lovely a Jordie as she may be, and dont get me wrong, she is always immaculately presented with impeccable style, the love for her is just a little bit . . . gross, a little bit too much.

The media has created her into some sort of 'angel'. She is literally worshipped by tabloids. Yet, funnily enough, this is the same chick from Girls Aloud who used to be a complete and utter thug, getting thrown out of nightclubs for beating people up.

Oh god, let's just throw some more roses at her feet, poor Cheryl, the poor girl was clearly provoked . . . not.

I am aware at this point, that I am being un-necessarily bitchy, and dont get me wrong, she is pretty great on the whole, but it just massively irritates me how much good publicity she gets; example number two - her performance at the Brit Awards. Miming. And yet Facebook that night was full of status' saying how great she is at singing? Darling, even I could be good at singing if you teamed me up with a whole lotta auto-tune!

Cheryl Cole

Anyway, enough of that - my sister said I shouldnt write nasty things about her, because she's going through a difficult time at the moment with her break up with Ashley.
Karma, it'll definitely come back and haunt me, and maybe I am giving her a bit of a hard time - dont get me wrong, she is a good female face of our country, compared to Anorexic Beckham and Druggy Winehouse, and you've got to give it to the woman, she is beautiful (maybe we all would with a team of hair and make-up artists) but, bitchyness and bitterness aside, the main thing that bothers me is the hype everyone has created for her.
Yes, she is beautiful and yes, she has some good songs, and even yes, she is going through a shit time, and I may even go so far as to say that she's a credible judge on the X-Factor, but it's about time people calmed down a little bit. That is all. (Defo going to get a mob of Chezza-lovers outside my house with pitchforks now, one of them definitely going to be Radio1's Aled.)

In other news, I pretended to be Harry Potter for over an hour today.
Some of my texts, in role, included phrases such as:

"You can keep Hermione anyway, she couldnt handle my wand!"

Saucy little thing our Hazza-P turned out to be!

On that magical note, loving and leaving.

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  1. You actually have quite a good taste in women aha!