Now, dont get me wrong; as lovely a girl as I like to (sometimes) think that I am, I do complain a hell of a lot. Whether it be about how cold I am, cause boy, that's a bitch, or how tired I am, or hungry, or how I want to go home, or how I want to go out, or bla bla bloody de bla. Either way you want to look at it, and for whatever scenario you want to apply it to, the fact of the matter is, if there was an exam is moaning, I'd get an A.

Something I guess we as human beings complain about quite a lot, is being bored.
A prime example of this, is in the workplace. Sadly however, I am in the minority of poor working class individuals, who actually loves their job. Some of my favourite people in the world are my colleagues, and I always seem to come out of the shutters at the end of the day in a good mood. This may be because we all get on so well, and I genuinley do work with a great mix of people, or maybe it's because, I get given little notes on the back of receipts like this;

The subject in question would like to remain anonymous.

Brightens your day doesnt it, knowing that we're living in a society free of commitment.

Oh my days, talking of brightening your day, if you're feeling, hey, I dunno, a little down, getting those Sunday-evening blues, or maybe you're thinking it's time you did some work, seeing as you've run out of alcohol, but you just still cant find the motivation to do it, dont! Because I have just seen the most hiliarious video on youtube (alright, cool kid, finding videos on youtube to pass the time, ROCK ON! Though, to be fair, this came up in my Facebook newsfeed, so, ya hoo, sucks to you for thinking I had no life! - she says whilst spending her time blogging about her life . . .)

Anyway, please watch this.
I find it so funny, and I dont even know why. And if you dont agree, stop reading my blog after the video ends, because we clearly have less in common than I thought, and I care little to associate with mortals who find clever humour funny. In my world, we find everything funny - you should try it, life's so much better.

Talking of life; Death by White Lies - absolutely beautiful song. It's one of those songs which reminds me of so many things, yet I cant think of a single thing it reminds me of, and every time I hear it, it fills me up with a thousand different emotions, but I'm not sure which each of them are! I bloody love White Lies, definitely one of my favourite bands, and I nearly cried when I saw them live at Oxegen festival last year. Just want to marry their music, I really do think they're great - and they remix really well. Best of both worlds, like that Hovis bread, 'best of both'. Not sure if I've ever tried that, I want to know what it tastes like.

Anyway, I'm going to go listen to some more Tinie Tempah and look at some more photo's of my future boyfriends. Ha, at work the other day actually we got some new 'Crafted' stock(republic.co.uk - we've got some nice new shit in) and I was looking at them at work on Friday night with Donna and Faye, in which the conversation went as follows;

L - "Hey, I might buy this for my boyfriend, it's well nice isnt it!"
D - "Since when did you get a boyfriend Lo?"
L - "Oh right yeah, he doesnt actually exist yet. But I want him to wear it."
F - "How are you going to know what size to get then?"
L - "I know because he'll be perfect. He'll be a 'small' probably."
F - "Eugh, why would he be a small?!"
L - "Because I doubt Freddy from Skins would be any bigger from that, do you think?"

In the words of Journey, (yes Journey, not 'The Cast of Glee') - "Dont stop believing".
Dont sell yourself short, and follow your dreams.

Loving and leaving.

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