Dont get me wrong, I'm all for girls and that (friendship wise), but bloody hell do some ladies have this beautiful ability to be a complete and utter dickkkkk!
It definitely does not help going to an all girls school, but genuinley, some women just need to learn how to chill the hell out, and realise that there is a world outside of their own arse.

Enough about that, I could rant on and on and on about certain things, but I'm going to calm that beastly temper of mine, and introduce you to the absolute new love of my life, Kitty:

Beauty in their finest form.
Kurt Geiger, marry me.

Nothing particularly interesting happened today.
Apart from the fact that it was my beautiful GG's birthday today, hitting the big 1-8! Obviously spent lunch time in a very adultlike manner by getting Happy Meals from McDonalds, god love that place. Oh, except for the guy on the telecom thing, or whatever you call that big metal machine you talk to at the drive thru - it took the piss out of the way I said hello. Cheer up you big hunk of silver, just because I get a little happy at the smell of your salty salty chips . . .
Scary times though, everyone growing up, these girls who I've known since I was 11 years old! I nearly cried the other day to think that in 12 years time, we'll all be 30. Dont know if it's just me being weird (probably) but that seems like a scarily short time until a scarily big age! Not a massive fan of that.

Talking of birthdays, only 46 to go until mine!
Not that I'm counting or anything . . .
This year though, I have made the most specific birthday list. It only has three things on it, because I want to make sure that there arnt any pretend smiles on the big day - definitely making it sound like I'm getting married, but still! It contains all the ingredients I need for a party -
a) the dress
b) the shoes
c) the perfume

Beautiful times.
Hopefully going to get my hair closer to this colour as well just after my birthday, and obviously when I can afford to go to the hair dresser - it'll be quite an experience seeing as for the past two years I've been cutting and colouring it myself:

Lauren Conrad

Darker than I currently have it, much more like my natural colour - although who the hell knows what that even is these days.
I'm going through some stupid 'hair detox' thing at the moment (which I obviously made up).
No straightening or blow-drying my hair unless it's the weekend, and even then, needs to be kept to the minimum.
Drinking more water, and taking those weird orange multi-vitamin tablets, or they may be omega-3, I'm not entirely sure.
And I'm also taking some ridiculous hair/skin/nails tablets from Tesco once a day. The tablets are bloody massive and they smell like a horse; it's a lovely experience to start the day with.
Oh, and I also deeply condition my hair every time I wash it - which, lets face it, with my current hygiene levels, isnt very often.

So yeah, basically that's the bane of my life right now; my hair and the count-down till my birthday. Too many things to look forward to, just waiting to get the ball rolling.

On that note, loving and leaving.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Lois. You're blog is hilarious!
    And those shoes are SO SEXY. I love the Kurt Geiger shop, I got some Carvela shoes in there and then begged them for a job. It's like a 8ft by 4ft box of heaven.
    Love Leo XX