Home from Newcastle and coming to the last few hours of half term; cant decide which of the two is more depressing! It's hard to really think about anything particularly exciting to write; lack of sleep has motivated my mind to consider two things only - the hours till bed and the stinging of my eyes!

I suppose, if anything, I should write about something that's possibly bothering me, or my own personal thoughts or opinions on something topical . . . the weather? Wouldnt really hit a lot of marks, other than the fact that I'm pretty bloody fed up of snow these days. Cant really call myself a 'winter' kind of gal, due to the fact that I hate being cold and I hate wrapping up warm - I'm sure I've had many conversations with people at what a damn hassle layers are; bring on the cami's and skirts!

I miss the summer so much actually, I'd hate to admit that I'm almost counting down the days until it's next here, but I pretty much am. Well, taking a rough guess at least, cause let's face it, once I get past 10 I run out of fingers, and give up. Summer = the end of school. The end of exams (for a while, anyway!). I'll be able to put my driving into beautiful use; eg. roadtrips! Along with putting my new-found 'adulthood' into use - lord help the poor civilians of the world; you'll probably all want to go and find a new 'local'! Ibiza with the girls right at the end as well. All of which time I'll have butterflies - if, that is, I'm going to Uni, which is sadly looking less and less likely, as more and more people are hearing from my first choice! Sad times.

Oh well! No use crying over spilt milk and all that.
All else fails, I'll hop on a plane to Australia and become a lifeguard (ideally on a beach which never needs much attention, as the prospect of me having to swim, let alone needing to save anyone, is beyond hilarious!)

On that cheery note, loving and leaving.

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