Pink Hair
So I've had pink hair for around two or three months now. It started off with an all over bleach that I hated, leaving me with bright yellow hair that I couldn't stand, so in a mad rush, I went out and found some semi-permanent pink hair dye by Stargazer and within half an hour, became a candy head.
Now, I cant seem to shake the obsession.

Sadly, my budget is not allowing me to go to a salon and have it professionally bleached and toned to a baby pink colour that I have grown to love, and so this blog post is about how I've managed (or not) to maintain and achieve the colour.

First, I googled everywhere about how to get pink hair (cheaply) and there was so much about using food colouring. With it being only 79p, I thought it was worth a shot, and with so many success stories all over the internet, how could it go wrong?
I'll tell you how - it didn't take to my hair.
I seem to be the only person who it didn't work for. Sure, it made it a little more pink than the faded orange colour it had gone, but it was not a permanent or sustainable fix, and I wasn't happy with the amount of patience that it required.

For quite some time now, I've had a pack of red hair dye floating around (one of my other near-crazes) and so the thought came to me - could I make the red dye pink? I mean, it works with paint, right?
There was only one useful post I could find on the internet, check it out, and see below of how I went about mimicking it. 

Step By Step:
First of all, I mixed up the red hair dye mixture. I sort of forgot it was a foam one, which made the process very difficult, but fine nonetheless. So yeah, I shook it and then poured it (scooped it) into a bowl. I then added lots and lots and lots of conditioner and stirred it all up with my hand - gross.
I started off by doing a strand, as I was unsure how the whole thing would turn out.
I only left it on for 5 minutes.
From the tester, it looked pretty red to be - kind of pink, but more red I decided after the comments from my older brother and little sister.
So then I cleaned out the shaking thing (that the dye came in) and poured in a mixture of conditioner and pink food colouring. To this, I then added three handfulls of the red foam dye and mixed it all up.
I then left it on for approx. 15 minutes.
As you can see from the bottom picture, it went a reddy/orangey/pinky colour, which I am actually pretty happy with. In real life it looks like a fantasy red-pink shade, but when my sister photographed it on her iPhone it looks luminous orange...bit awkward!

Maybe I left it on for too long or maybe I should have used more pink food colouring, but overall I am fairly happy with how it turned out, and am assured that it'll definitely last a hell of a lot longer than straight forward food colouring. 

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