The Weeknd

This weekend I saw The Weeknd at Wireless Festival.
I bet you're probably thinking that I stole the above image from some website; would you believe I took it on my own phone backstage? (Maybe the answer is yes, as the quality of my iPhone 3G isn't quite up to scratch in the world of megapixels)

I dont want to turn this into a bragging post, but I feel compelled to share my experiences of the day, as I have never had a day quite like it.

Missy & Myself

Those of you who know me on a personal level will know that my sister (featured above on the left) is in the world of music, something that I am frequently jealous of, and often consider upping my fashion roots and joining her. Usually, her being involved in such an industry never usually benefits me, but when she's friends with Drake's guitarist (Adrian) of whom is playing on the Saturday show, it all seemed to work in my favour.

Adrian hooked Missy (aka Claudia) and myself up with backstage passes for the event, and told us to meet him at the K West Hotel at 5pm that day.
Feeling a little disheartened at the fact that we were missing acts such as Rita Ora and Labrynth, I was unsure of what to now expect - in my head, we would meet him when the gates opened, we'd be handed free passes and the enjoy the day as we pleased.
It was only when we were sat waiting for Adrian and tabbing cocktails to his room number, that I began to get the impression that it might turn out just a little bit more exclusive.

Berry Fusion

Adrian, the rest of the band, Dinache (a backing singer for Colbie Callait, Rihanna, etc) and band manager came and met us for a few drinks, glasses of wine, mugs of Americano's to side the jetlag, shots of Patron XO, before we headed outside where a tinted-window car was waiting for us all.
We drove for what seemed like a good half hour to Hyde Park, where we were escorted by another car into  the backstage area. As we drove past, there were crowds waiting by the barriers, waving to us as the car went past, assuming that any vehicle that is escorted and driving slowly, contains someone of severe status.

As we got out the car, a variety of wristbands were instantly thrown onto us, before being quickly escorted into what looked like a metal container.

Drake's Backstage Area

Inside, as seen above, was a room filled with tables, candles and centre pieces on top. It was one big open space, with a buffet, sofas and lining the edge of the room were other doors, leading to other rooms. We were shown inside the one that was labeled 'Band', although I noticed there were others; 'Drake Management', 'Drake Hospitality Team' and 'Drake DR'.
Adrian was keen for us all to head straight back out and behind stage, eager that we wouldn't miss The Weeknd. As we left, I turned around to see a guy in a grey hoodie entering the room we just left. It was the man himself. Damn, I thought - I missed him.

Little did I expect to then find myself stood next to him backstage, nodding our heads to the beat of Abel's songs. I found myself turning to glance at him occasionally; as cool about it as I was trying to be, I was stood next to Drake for God sake; I had to have a peak. He turned to look at me at the same time, and unlike my prior fantasties, I didn't strike up some witty conversation, I didn't woo him with my pink hair and charm, but merely smiled weakly and turned away.

What happened after that involved bumping into Rita Ora, stuffing our faces with the free food, slurping up the free alcohol, and trying to be casual about the fact that I was eating chicken off the bone (something I usually would grimace at doing) whilst eyeing up Drake and The Weeknd chatting to various associates in the same room as us. It's hard to try and be cool and sexy when you're trying to swallow gristle.

Time flew past, and before anyone in the room knew it, it was time.
Drake gathered us all round in a circle before we left, and prayed; thanking God, thanking Toronto, thanking everyone in the room and blessing us all.

My sister and I ended up side stage with the other 'VIP's and watched the show, me with a rather strong combination of Gin and Ice Tea. The experience was totally surreal. And amazing. Though you would never in a million years believe all the mania that happens backstage; all the people that are required just for one act.

After the show, we all headed promptly back to 'our area', where Drake re-appeared in a grey tracksuit and socks, accepting everyone's congratulations on the show.
Claudia and myself sat around with Adrian and The Weeknd's producer, talking studio time, working out in Toronto, and an assortment of other things which didn't necessarily ring relevant to me.

It was time to go, to catch our train home, leave wonderland, and so with that, I followed my sister's confidence in saying bye to everyone.
First we went over to Abel (The Weeknd) and had a quick chat about the show, after which he hugged my sister, and then offered out to me; was I really just about to hug the guy who I've been playing on repeat since before he hit the mainstream? Idol is a strong word, but the love I've had for his music for over a year and a half is unlike any prior obsession.
We hugged, with me making a few sarcastic comments about sharing the love (too much time around Canadian's) on which moved onto his horror about my height in comparison to his, leaving the whole group analysing the height of my shoes - not quite glamorous or full of love, but a moment I will treasure nonetheless.

Drake at Wireless

My sister confidently approached Drake to say bye, of which they discussed his show and after party in LA (which she had attended), as I waited in the background, feeling a little out of place.
She turned to leave, when he held out his hand to me.
I took it, obviously.
He looked me in the eyes which made me feel totally starstruck and thanked me for being there.
What contribution I had made to his experience, I have no clue, but the polite sentiment was still greatly appreciated, and made me feel like I had a purpose to be there, rather than just the fashion tag-along in a music industry where everyone is so close knit.
I sad that I was the one who should be thanking him, wishing him a lovely evening and that maybe we'll see him at his show in the Fall, and with a smile, left.
I cannot thank Adrian and my sister enough for providing me a taste of what a magical world they call 'work', and maybe, just maybe, we'll all meet again.

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  1. Woooaaahhh you lucky thing! soo jealous right now!
    you never know maybe you could do fashion/styling for people in the music industry! you'd have plenty of contacts then...and enjoy both worlds!