Krispy Kreme & Glamour Magazine

I spotted this yesterday whilst I was out food shopping and havnt been able to stop thinking about it - and that's not just because I'm a sucker for the Original glaze!

Fashion is notorious for collaborations. Be it H&M and Lanvin, Armani and Reebok or Gucci and Marc Ronson, a fashion collaboration seems to have been fashionable in itself. And why wouldnt it be? It is a simple and easy solution to give the brand a new edge, appeal to a different audience and drive sales. Perhaps this is what Glamour magazine are aiming to achieve, and albeit, it is certainly an alternative way from the usual etiquete of 10th birthday company celebrations.

However, I cant help but wonder whether something lies deeper in the meaning. Is it a meaningless publicity stunt, or is it also a message about the magazines ethos?

Glamour magazine are successful enough to have teamed up with a good choice of designers, brands and products. In fact, had I been asked just now to think of a good partner for them to hook up with, I think I may have indeed gone with the cliche and chosen a makeup brand or  clothing label which the magazine publicises a lot or that they think best reflects the 'woman' of their magazine. 

But Krispy Kremes...an interesting choice. A food product at most, and although fashionable, not necessarily the obvious choice. Perhaps, Glamour magazine are trying to defeat the glossy stereotype; the connotations of fashion magazine usually can be summed up in a word: thinspiration. With countless controversies about what lies beneath the pages of print, it is a brave and clever move of Glamour, almost persuading their readers to go out and buy donuts. Eating has become fashionable again. 
Thank God for that!

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