For Schmuck Sake

I always leave things until the last minute.
No, not even the last minute; the last second!
It is not an enjoyable trait, but no matter how many times I say "next time I am not leaving it to the night before", I always somehow end up with a 24hour slot before the deadline.

And so I find myself sat in bed, having done a grueling 6-hour session of on/off research (why is it that every other task in the world becomes more attractive when you have work to do?) and yet I am still so far away from completion.
I am, what you would call, a nightmare.
And tomorrow I will be, what you call, exhausted.

Nonetheless, I had a lovely morning and have also enjoyed a delicious Dominos dinner! (Mighty Meaty is the only acceptable flavour, do not try and tell me otherwise).
If only I was as good at doing work as I was at enjoying everything else about my life, then I would be such a great all-rounder.
Never mind, I hate those kind of people anyway...

Oh, and Dinner For Schmucks is my new favourite film.

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