Custard. No Cream.

You know you're a University student when: . . . you fall asleep at 6am with a stomach full of chicken tikka pieces and chips. You miss the lecture and wake up at 2:30pm. Your only meals of the day are a bowl of Cheerio's, a dinner cooked by your flatmate, and a bowl of custard. You havnt moved from your bed all day, and you fail to notice the difference between your PJ's and your skin. You use any excuse (eg: blogging) to avoid getting your portfolio done.

I sound like the most disgusting human to grace the planet, living a life which sounds similar to that of a criminal with a life sentence behind bars. However, do not judge me. I am young and I am foolish; and thus I have not learnt yet that there is a life beyond alcohol and my laptop. Leave me be.

What I have discovered today, however, is that if I am going to spend my whole life in bed (definitely a John Lennon and Yoko wannabe!), then I may as well do it in style; which leads me onto the most beautiful and wonderful piece of furniture I have seen in months:

Metalworks Tree by Shawn Lovell

How amazing would it be to have that? I would not feel like such a bad creature for not venturing into the natural world, as I would technically be bringing the outdoors, indoors.
I may have to post an advert onto the internet soon - "bed friend wanted". Surely it would be selfish to keep such a beautiful thing to myself . . . ?

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