Sunday Roast

I cannot explain in any word of any language (I only speak one, boo hoo!) how much I would love a roast. With yorkshire puddings. And gravy. Oh my lord, get in my belly! Instead, I have to meet student regulations and be satisfied with a mug of orange juice (too much effort to actually wash a glass up) and an Activia yoghurt (strawberry flavour, in case you're a stalker).

The past week hasnt been too exciting.
I was in bed last Monday, all the way through to Friday when I went home. Flu I think it was. No, I know it was. It was horrific. Went almost five days without any food whatsoever, and then when I tried to stomach a meal after that, I threw the whole thing back up.
In my head, the twisted part of me was thinking; "Yes, this is brilliant! Going to finally lose some weight!" But alas, my arms are looking bigger than ever. What sort of sick joke, to not be able to eat, but also not be able to lose weight? Someone up in the skies does not like me!

Watched the Human Centipede this week...gross!

Then, to top my weekend off, I had to attend a Speed Awareness course on Monday!
It was four hours of my life, which, I was dreading, but, was actually very interesting. Before, I'd be doing over 30mph in a 30 zone - which is the reason I got caught - and it didnt really bother me. What difference would a few miles per hour make? Apparently, a lot! We got shown a video of the stopping differences between 30mph an 32mph and the result was so scary! You can stop in time (hopefully - though given my reflexes, not likely...) if you're doing the former, but you dont have a chance if you're doing the latter. How weird, only 2mph can make such a difference! Scary. Drive safe kids.

Returned back to Uni late Wednesday night, only to go back to London on Thursday!
Lost my V&A museum virginity (not really the best experience of my life, cant say I'm really the most ideal museum candidate!) and then went with the fashion girls to Harrods and Liberty's. It - was - horrible. Never before have I wanted to be so rich. Never before have I scanned so thoroughly the stairs for potential rich old men who'd find my faux fur coat naively appealing! Was very sad.
Ha, what was even sadder, was that when the girls expressed their desire to go to Harrods, I thought we were going to the big toy store, and obviously joined in with the excitement.
Sometimes, really, I am thick.

Harrod's, London

Other than that, my life has been fairly mundane.
I am on antibiotics for my chest infection (PARTY ANIMAL!) but had a sneaky cheeky drink last night (shh!). And when I say drink, I actually mean about five. Before we went out. And then two Jaeger Bombs . . . thank you Lucy! I am a disgrace to the human race. But an idol and inspiration to 18 year olds party girls ;)

Oh! Something exciting is that I applied to Paul Smith to work with them for a month from the end of this month up until Christmas. The rejection was sweet. The position had already been filled. Nightmare.

On that note, I'm going to leave you with the thought that I am completely and utterly in love with Josh Beech, and if anyone out there knows him, hook a girl up, xxx

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