God Save The Queen

I've been living my new life for three weeks exactly now - and so much has happened in 21 days; I've booked a trip to New York, I've put on about 24 stone - perfect for America, I'll fit right in - I've discovered that I may actually be an alcoholic and I now have a fantastic new wardrobe (sorry Mr Credit Card) . . .

We had to create our first 'mock' mood board today in our seminar, the theme being 'My Obsession'. Sadly, I couldnt find enough images of dick'ed boys or unhealthy amounts of caffeine, and so the end result actually turned out like this:

Classic me, it's not finished (oh how notorious I am for never completing anything!), but I've made a start and for once, I'm not too unhappy with it. Main motifs are 'British', such as the tea cups, the union jacks, the stampss, telephone box, etc etc, with an underlying influence of the 'shabby chic' and 'glam rock'.

Wish I had the motivation to finish it, but for now I'm sat wrapped up in a cow-print throw and researching MUJI and 'how to remove glue-in extensions' . . . such a cool student.

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