Out of Body

I dont feel like my usual self right now; dare I say it, I feel overly negative. Not even spending £100 on clothes (damn you online shopping!) and £16 on a ticket for Friday night (damn you Detonate!) has managed to cheer me up.

Maybe I'm upset about the fact that my beautiful Ikea mirror, (the absolute necessity for any human being - who actually care's what they look like's - room) de-tached itself from its Poundland sticky pads and smashed all over my floor. Or maybe it's the fact that my fairy lights dont stick up properly with the Poundland version of blu tack. But more likely, it's the fact that I feel like I'm just not good enough. I dont feel how I want to feel, I'm not doing what I want to do and I'm not getting what I want to get. Suffering from a serious case of spoilt brat syndrome it seems.

I have a new, less personal, blog - for those of you who would rather keep things light hearted and avoid any awkward confrontation with the happenings in my head!

London's Lips is the name. Follow me about ;)

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