So I have been absent from the blogosphere for nearly a year now; 
but now I'm back with the blogging itch.

Selected some Instagram photos to give you an insight as to what's been going on in my life, some of which include excessive hair colouring (quel suprise), moving into the City and interning at new jobs! The cocktails and food speak for themselves; as does my waistline...

I'm interning at an absolutely great fashion label, working in the studio with some absolute babes and learning something new every day. Let's face it, if you're going to intern, it might as well be in something you're passionate about and I feel very strongly about not standing for being ill-treated just because you're not being paid - but that's going to be a whole new blog post in itself.

In the meantime, let's get talking!
I'm on Instagram (loismills) and Twitter (loismillsx) - let's connect.

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