Heretics launches with with bold provocative collection

I first heard about Heretics shortly after my bloggers feature in Company magazine. In honesty, I'd never heard of the brand before - perhaps this is because the brand is so new, or perhaps its because my apparent knowledge of t-shirts is not quite up to scratch. Either way, let me give you my thoughts.

Their inspiration&mood boards (above) act as a starting point to understanding the language of the brand. To me, Heretics symbolises effortless cool; urban edge and without the unnecessary. With influences from New York and the street culture that surrounds them, it looks as if Heretics combines this style with the clean tailoring often associated with British fashion.

'By definition, Heretics refers to anyone to anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine or principle.' These t-shirts are for men who strive to find individuality in what they wear; who are style conscious but equally as effortless in their appearance. 

'Some t-shirts in the collection feature urbane-detailed artwork by Biro Man, an artist who spent over a month creating pieces used in the range with, as the nickname suggests, a biro pen. A closer look at the Mexican skull design reveals the meticulous nature of his artwork with all of the artist's precise detailing in all it's glory.'

What I think I like most, is the difference these t-shirts show from the common 'funny' and almost tacky nature of tee's emerging on the high street. With the huge increase of streetwear trends, the highstreet has had to keep up with demands; but in turn, has often just ended up producing cheap knock offs of supposed humorous designs.

Heretics aims to channel a balance between 'elegant and naughty', for individuals who know their style, and have the confidence to let it show.

Check it out for yourself, or order one online today at heretics.co.uk

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