"Not mainstream. Not underground."
My new favourite night.
The poster image (above) is old, as it definitely wasnt the 21st October last Friday and it definitely wasnt at Tantra. If you look it up, look for 'Late Sessions' with Matt Fear, Willow and Alex Lewis. Previous guests have been Miguel Campbell and Tiger&Woods; definite prodigies in the DJ world.
My night wasnt so special because it was the new biggest night in the City; in fact, my night was made pretty much due to the opposite. The small, intimate venue meant I was practically on top of Matt Fear (I wish!) and it meant that sitting down to have a quick breather and a chat didnt feel like an epic sore-thumb. On top of the fresh house-influenced music, the thing that I enjoyed the most, was the audience. The un-pretentious, un-wannabe, un-ited crowd.

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