I'm Back

I have been off the blogosphere way too long, so much so that I almost couldnt remember my password to access this - okay, slight exaggeration, but you catch my drift.

Amongst working for My Fashion Life, Hold Your Horses, Pop Pr (LFW) and 7th Man Magazine, I have recently contributed to my University magazine (here) and have just finished an intense 10 days of being a Freshers Rep.

Despite the fact that I have already had to come home due to medical reasons, I am now back in the swing of City living and already have my first piece of work to hand in tomorrow (top image) - a live project for Pentland, which I shall explain more about another time.

In the meantime, browse through any older posts you fancy, re-work your appetite, as I'll be back up and running shortly.


  1. Just read your A-Z for Freshers week and I loved it! You hit the nail on the head with everything half the time I was laughing and reminiscing.
    Well done!

    Hollie X