Thomas Codd London

London’s Burning with Style

Recent rioting events may have temporarily decreased levels of British morale, but I've got another reason for you to take to the streets; Thomas Codd.
Being a recent graduate and only releasing his first few pieces to the public in September 2010, TCL (Thomas Codd London) has already made its mark on the fashion world with its eclectic mix of subculture-style. Taking inspiration from our predecessors, Thomas Codd London lives its life by the rule ‘anything which has gone before is an influence on what is to come’.
With print shoots released on his Facebook page, you cant help but notice the similarities to the skinhead trend featured in the ever-popular ‘This Is England’. Thomas Codd London extracts key motifs from the styles, such as the bleached denim and over-worked leather and pushes them into the 21st Century, creating a unique and street-worthy look.
The relevance of such an iconic era is ever-more appropriate with the recent recession and anti-establishment protests surrounding our country, shining light on the traditional TCL designs and the ‘escapism’ messages they provoke.
Having recently spoken to the man himself as to what lies at the heart of his brand, it is clear that he is the best of British, and chooses to source all fabrics and production from the UK; something I’m sure her majesty is most in favour of.

Should you be wearing Thomas Codd?
Street style has dominated the fashion industries massively over the past years, with magazines such as i-D being the ultimate trendsetters. Now, designers such as Thomas Codd have their time to capture the catwalk.
If you’re happy enough to wear camouflage colours to blend in or silver harem pants because Will-I-Am is apparently ‘what’s hot’, then this brand probably isn’t the one for you. Not a fan of extrovert or outlandish fashionistas, ‘Thomas Codd London designs and develops the uniforms and style for the individual of today; not a conformist but someone who wants to be somebody’ –Thomas Codd. For the man who admires the detailing and history behind British brands and who himself is determined to ‘Be A Face’ as the ethos suggests, then get your plastic out and put your collar up.

Want to get your hands on some TCL?
Luckily Codd’s got his very own website up and running at: www.thomascoddlondon.com, where prices range from £15 for a vest to £75 for a suit jacket. Or if you prefer something a little more creative, then you can find clothing at the ASOS online marketplace, just search Thomas Codd London.

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