Boudoir Bedroom

I've already begun moving into my new house; though in truth, it feels more like a hotel than anything else. 
Either way, it lead me to thinking about my choices for the interior creation of my own bedroom. People say that the way you style your space says a lot about your personality, and I guess there is some truth in that, as I am a firm believer that your clothes can express a thousand meanings, be it; "I woke up late" or "I'm making a statement".
On reflection, last year my room embodied what I would coin as 'sensual shabby chic' - a mixture of colours, textures and genres to create a (tiny) space of homeliness and stylishness. 
This year, though the square by square footage is not of great improvement, I'm sticking with one of the main words used previously: sensual.

It is from this word that I have imagined an image of what I want my room to encapsulate. 
Warmth. Sensual. Whimsical. 
Inspired by Moroccan style 'draped' interiors and gothic French accessories, below are some images that I will use to help create Boudoir la Mills.

Pictures sourced from Google.

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  1. some great inspiration here!! LOVE that crazy neon bedroom!