Museum of Broken Relationships

Today my single friends and I made our way to the Museum of Broken Relationships in London.
I heard about it a few days ago and thought that, other than it being the story of my life, it sounded like an incredible and inspiring concept, and an exhibition that for once, I was desperate to go to.

"If you had loved me as much as you loved sleeping, I wouldnt have had to exhibit this sleeping thing."

Dress: Miss Selfridge - Belt: Primark - Waistcoat: Vintage - Necklace: Cow 

"She broke my heart before I ever had the chance to give it to her."

"I'd like to get rid of the keys to my boyfriends apartment, in case I ever get tempted to show up on his doorstep."

"The film never got developed. It developed before our eyes."

"I cant thank you enough for dumping me. I didnt know I had become such a limited version of myself."

"He had another woman. He couldnt make me his number 1. I couldnt stand being number 2."

We then spent the rest of our day milling around Leicester Square and SoHo and stumbled upon a delicious smoothie/dessert house called Madd. Not only was the interior fun and uplifting, but they were playing White Lies - a sure fire way to get me to fall in love. 
Plus, where else offers you jenga, connect4 and monopoly to play at every table?
And although I hate cake, the cupcakes looked absoloutley beautiful; and from personal experience, I would advise you to try the 'Lush Lychee' drink. Beyond refreshing.
It was a chill out Eden of fresh-deliciousness.

"Careful. Broken relationships to me are not severed - they endure. The wonder is how we find so many ways of moving on despite the cracks and fault lines all around us. There are moments and memories from our lives that bolster us up and pull us through. What are yours? Will you make a new one today?"

All pictures taken and edited by me.
Banner art work by Alice Bray.

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