If you like having a little nose into my life and have been missing out on your doses of L-Love, then I have good news for you - I'm back.

It's not that I've been away for a long while (although I have just spent a week in Turkey, lucky me) but it's more that my mind has been elsewhere in the recent past.
Luckily, I've got some of my sense back, and even though many will argue that my head is still up in the clouds, at least it's low down enough to at least focus on a few things!

It is weird to think that I've nearly been writing this blog for a complete year. I've looked back at all my older posts and my life seems so different in comparison! I dont think it's that I've grown up any more, or even changed as a person in any great sense; life's just different.

But as a child, I've always been told that; different is good. 

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