Work Ethic

Finding the want to do work, to sit yourself down and actually do it, to crack open that book or flick through your notes, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard; such simple tasks, and so few seconds to achieve them; yet it is the one thing that I can never manage to do.
And maybe it is for the best, as everyone I've ever met who has done the above, and more, by actually getting on with it, has ended up with fried brains and frazzled tempers. Which is when I say: 
"Do not stress, it's bad for the soul."

1 comment:

  1. what you say has great substance, i can relate to it perfectly,
    sat in my room i imagine the great things i can accomplish yet lately I seem to think more about it than spend time 'doing' it.

    a change in practice is needed soon for me.

    good post x