Chapman Brothers

I first came across the pair that are Jake and Dinos Chapman when I was doing a project on 'Macabre' a few months ago, in which I discovered their controversial 'Hell' sculptures, which was created around the theme of Nazi's.
Horrific and shockingly repellent, the art which they had created was something of a monstrosity, and yet at the same time, genius. All of their work which I have seen has been of a taboo nature, but it is that exact nature which makes it so compelling to view.

The reason I thought that I would bring these English brothers to your attention, is because I recently read that they are featuring in the next issue of Dazed and Confused magazine, based on their topical new art project 'Cant Pay Your Fees? We'll Pay Your Fines'.

The project works both as an art work as well as a campaign which aims to set up a fund for tuition fee protesters. Over 80 'designers, actors and artists' have already volunteered to help contribute to the fund, by giving away clothes or artworks for auction.

The whole thing launches this week, so keep your ears open!

(Photo Credit: jakeanddinoschapman.com and Dazed Digital)

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