I sometimes wonder if my life is being filmed for some sort of show; the amount of drama that happens within it seems far too surreal to be anything other than plots, storylines and scripts.

I'm sat in my bed with my window wide open despite the wind and the rain pouring through.
I dont know why I constantly have that stupid thing open, as I hate being cold. But somehow, I find that it is both therapeutic and refreshing. Makes me feel more 'alive'. Hippy freak.

Went to go see D Double E last night at Stealth.
Being the mess that I am, I started on two boys. God knows why. Luckily, my friend Dean managed to intervene before anything got nasty; but I know that secretly, I would have won. My new 'hey I go to the gym, but you cant tell' body is a masterpiece for situations as such.

Having then spent the rest of the night in a flat with a bunch of lads from Birmingham, I'm surprised I'm not in more of a state. Albeit, I woke up at 7am hallucinating, but that comes with the territory.

It's been a dramatic week which has flown by and spiraled out of control.
Think it's time to calm down for a moment and take a tiny look at my life and everything and everyone that is in it. Put everything back into perspective and take it all in proportion.

Life's for living and forgiving.

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