Home Away From Home

Finally I am back in my big ol' kingsized bed, fairy lights on and magazine collages all over my wardrobe. It feels like forever since I've been in this familiar environment, and I guess that may be because it has been!

The saying 'home is where the heart is' should be altered for my situation to 'home is where the madness is'. It's my sister's birthday and despite the fact that one of my brother's is still down at Uni, my four other siblings are still happily prancing about the halls of my house, creating that all-eccentric 'family' atmosphere.

I've only been here a few hours, and yet already there are people back up at Uni who I'm missing already. Ridiculously un-satisfied human being I appear to be! Anyway...

On January 5th I went to New York as part of my University course, which was a-mazing. I am not a fan of the cold, and so the thought of going on a "holiday" (of a sort) where my suitcase would be full of knitwear instead of suncream seemed like some sort of sick joke. Even 6 layers, 3 pairs of leggings and enough accessorizing to decorate a Christmas tree didnt do the trick, and still my little bones decided to shiver and shake.
For anyone ever wanting to go to the big apple, GO! Not even a scoopful of praise can prepare you for the insane atmosphere. I need to go again, so I'll add that to my birthday list.

Talking of my birthday, its come to that time of the year again when I need to create the all important, one of a kind, wish list. The kind which I make months before necessary and the kind where no one will be able to afford anything from it.

Birthday List:
Alexander McQueen clutch (union jack studded)
Flights and Hotels to New York
SubWoofer sound system
Studded black Levi gilet from Bess
Black Tea w/ Chocolate from Armani
Louboutin studded/leopard print shoes
Peace bracelet by Suel
Chanel friendhsip bracelet in white
Tiffany's peace bracelet
Michael Kors studded handwarmers
S-Falken heels
Marc by Marc Jacobs black clutch purse

That's all I can think of. For now.

First week back at Uni was mental, although I now have about an extra 1938 chins on my face - thank you so much Schnapps. Re-living our own version of Freshers week and it is safe to say that I havnt been this tired for a very long time! Wouldnt change a single minute of it though - except maybe forgetting one tiny detail.

As for now, I'm back home home, and having just had a massive curry, I feel that there was absoloutely no point in me spending an hour at the gym yesterday. I think I'm going to copy my sister and become a vegan.


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