Stuffing in a Box

Boxing Day has made me think of why it is called such?
I think I do remember asking the question long ago when I was small and innocent, and still just as naive as I am now - but it would appear that I do not remember the answer.

If I had to guess, it would be because it is the day when you do something with all the leftover boxes from your presents. There must be a million uses for a box, right?

Use it as a hiding place for hide and seek, turn it into a storage for your shoes, keep it for fancy dress if ever there was a need for a robot helmet, save it for a means of transporting stuff from A to B - for example, washing to the dryer or ironed clothes to your room; turn it on it's side to make your pet a new bed, hey, turn it on its side to make you and your friends a new den . . . quite clearly, the possibilities are endless.

Something else interesting about a box, is the fact that Paxo have recently released their new 'stuffing in a box' (do not quote me on name accuracy), which my family have thoroughly loved over the past week.

Forget mixing bowls and save on the washing up!

Fabulous idea if you ask me, and totally relevant to Boxing Day.

Boxes and stuffing aside (good lord, do I love stuffing), not a lot else has been happening in the world de la me; although I have been asked to start looking for Bridesmaid dresses, which sadly just conjures up images of the horrors seen in '27 Dresses'.

With that in mind, maybe it's time to give up the food and start dieting so that I can be (nearly) as beautiful as the bride on the big day.
Now where are my chocolate coins...?

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  1. It is called such because in the Victorian times the families would spend actual christmas day at church and thinking about the baby jeebus etc and then the next day would be when they opened their boxes of presents :)
    And dieting doesn't have to begin until you return to uni because we are poor and cannot afford ot eat and have to stock up, right....?!
    Hope you're good lovely