is the total number of days before I move up North.

I make it sound like I'm some sort of migrating bird. Though I am aware that flying 'north' for the winter would make it a stupid bird, (maybe a blue tit, are they dumb?) or at least one who's lost all sense of direction and held the map upside down. Classic me.

ANYWAY. I am not a bird. And I am not migrating. I am simply becoming a University student. - sounds a bit less interesting than having wings actually . . . .

Nevertheless, that is where my path is taking me. New friends, new beginnings, new course, and a whole new meaning of 'broke'.

Shit; I'm terrified.
Really, really, really scared.

"To eat an egg you must break its shell"

What if I'm no good at my course? What if I dont make any friends? What if I get lost? What if I cant afford my favourite coffee? Or my favourite chewing gum to have to prevent the inevitable 'coffee breath'? What if, what if, what if . . . .

"Progress always involves risks." ~ Frederick B. Wilcox

With that in mind, I'm just going to man up and realise that everyone is in the same boat. And so what if I live with a bunch of weirdos, or with a bunch of people who hate me (quite likely) or if I cant even work out how to spell the title of my course; or more importantly, how to get myself to the buildings; I'm sure I wont be totally alone. And if I am, then Who Wants To Be A Millionaire's "phone a friend" option will be welcomed with open arms. I wonder if they have some sort of 'hire-a-mate' service in the area . . . if not, then this could be the start of a beautiful business . . .

Enough is enough now, I've realised I'm now in a shit mood, and regardless of how terrified I am, 29 more days left at home hating on things is more than long enough.

Blah blah blah, I probably love you, so xxxxxxxx

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