You would think that with only 4 days until my next exam, I would not even dream to be bothering with such trivial things such as blogging. However; I seemed to have misplaced my determination in the same place where I must have lost my motivation, as blogging is exactly what I'm doing this morning.

In the nature of Friday mornings, I shall keep this short and sweet. Exams have lost their importance to me. "Why?" I hear you cry out from beneath your burden of books. Because I now have a back up plan.

Just me, casually revising . . .

University is becoming less and less appealing to me as it draws closer - will I enjoy it? Will I make any friends? Will I like my course; and will I even be good at it? Not to mention the fact that my blood relative is also going to University (the same one) as me, at the same time, which sort of rids me of the independence I was so dreaming of.
With all these negative thoughts floating around the empty space that is my brain, I thought of something much more magical.
SO what if I fail these bits of paper which call themselves 'A-Levels'! Surely the lack of achievement in this area grants me with a sense of freedom in another? I can do whatever I like!
I could go to Australia and become a lifeguard like I've always wanted (despite the fact I hate the sea and panic about swimming). I could audition for a new movie and be the next Bella from Twilight - but with a slightly healthier tan. I could gain work experience at magazines in London, and then (obviously) be offered a job as their new collumnist.

See; magical.

So for all those of you who are currently stressing your little hair follicles out about how important this is, then you are perhaps mis-guided. I do not doubt for one second that these exams act as your passport to the University of your choice, but I am merely saying that perhaps we are a little to het up in 'success', and the pressure of University has become a little too intense. There are other options; so just enjoy what life throws at you, and dont become to stressed out about things you cant do anything about.

ps) you can do something about revising . . . do it.

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